The Podcast Producer Appears

I have known Demetri for six years, since he was 11 years old. While seeing him only intermittently I have continued a friendship with his dad, Nathan, who is the architect of this website and an enthusiast of the coming podcasts.

Me (upon returning from the conference): I have the recordings. Now to the editing.

Nathan: Are you Ok with that. Seems like a big job and I know you are not the most agile computer user…

Me (gearing up to conquer the editing software): I am ready. I have been studying and playing with Audacity. Seems like I can do it.

Nathan (trying to hide his smile); Uh, OK. But did you know that Demetri loves sound engineering even since he discovered Dub Step?

Me: He’s played the music for me. But I didn’t know it went any further.

Nathan: He’s totally into it. Want me to ask him if we will work with you on Meetings with Remarkable Educators? I think he would dig it.

Me (pretending to ponder): You sure?

Nathan (not trying to hide his smile): Oh yeah!

And so a producer appears. What a blessing! Unbelievable what this young man can do to create quality sound.

And, what a relief. Because, as you might have guessed I am not the most agile with computers…

A serendipity: Demetri has developed an interest in Holistic Education. He says that we need an overview podcast that speak to what is, and what isn’t. I asked him if would join me to create it. He has agreed.


Stay tuned. These podcasts are a’comin…