A Golden Opportunity

From September 15th thru 18th a golden opportunity comes to Ashland, Oregon—The International Holistic Education Conference. So many remarkable educators will be there that I don’t anticipate having much time to sleep. They come from Thailand, Canada, Japan, Denmark, Mexico, and just about every state in America. Specialties abound in language arts, teacher training, parent education (Josette’s presentation), holistic school administration, art, music, curriculum design, pedagogy, evolution of consciousness, children and death (my presentation), project based learning, non-sectarian spirituality, and on and on. Whopee! I am excited.

And as I know many of these educators I will have golden moments of podcasting. Already Paul Freedman of Salmonberry school on Orcas Island, Jack Miller, whose book The Holistic Curriculum remains a standard in the field, Debbie Million, Head of Ingra School in Madison WI, Marcia Osoke, of John Muir Magnet School, Yoshi Nagamura from Japan, and Marni Binder, arts and language arts master, from Toronto have agreed to be on the Podcast. I am sure there will be more to come.

Perhaps, you too will come. If not, then it will be my pleasure to share with you through the Podcasts the remarkable teaching from these remarkable educators. Podcasts to begin in early October.