From the Holistic Teaching and Learning Conference

I have but a few minutes to write, which is unlike previous conferences where I often wondered what I was doing there and what there was to learn. To be fair, there were many personal connections that were meaningful, though the presentations in the old format of keynote speaker and break out sessions with inadequate time to explore deeply led to the aforementioned free time. I have come to realize that I thrive in person to person interaction.

Not so here. I can only encourage conference leaders to go to the HTLC website and study the schedule. Briefly, venerable elders start each morning with calls for community followed by stories and insights. Then there are interactions with neighbors on important topics. We just finished inquiring into how we can serve and connect with public education and in so doing awaken awareness of  each student, of one another, and of ourselves. The environment drips with meaning, care, and connection.

On to the podcasts. It is a daunting to be new at this and to be in the place with perhaps the most potent potential for allowing  the experiences and insights of holistic educators to all who read this. It is more intimate than I imagined. I rejoice in the personal time I have to explore their backgrounds, motivations, challenges, and (many) idiosyncrasies. If I edit well it should be worthwhile and meaningful for parents and educators. It certainly is so for me.

I have met with Four Arrows, Jack Miller, Tobin Hart, Marni Binder, Sam Crowell, and others. I name those as they have a web presence. Look them up. So interesting!

I have to run. More later.