Post Conference Excitement?

Nine podcasts recorded of a significant cross section of Holistic Educators. So why the ? in the title of this blog?

Editing. Given what I know of editing this task, given my history learning word processing, the existence of this and the next two keyboards are in danger.

At the conference David West, brilliant Indigenous mentor living in Southern Oregon, told the story of making a basket under the guidance of Grandmother. Each step of the process, from getting into the canoe, to the relationship to the tree from which the bark will be taken, to the weaving, to the application of pitch, is done consciously and conscientiously so that the end product achieves the goal—holding water. As I listened I thought of the scintillating recordings and felt some anxiety about editing them well, and I wondered if I could apply this teaching to my editing.

We’ll see. No Grandmother around, though, and limited trial runs, suggest that I will have to find  a new level of attentiveness. In preparation, I have started saving for new keyboards.

But David West, and the other soul-filled educators that I didn’t have the time to record, is the second reason for the ?.  for the excitement I feel to develop Meetings with Remarkable Educators podcasts is tempered by sadness. Not only for missing the opportunity with David West, but also:

  • Dr. Prapapat Niyom of the Arsom Silp Institute of the Arts in Thailand (, and her meaningful Real Life curriculum
  • Prof. Dr. Fred Korthagen of Utrecht University and his critically important work on Core Reflection
  • Min_Young Song & Dea-Hyung Lee and Hyun-Mi Kim revealed their work on Social and Emotional Healing for Teachers in the Republic of Korea (South Korea). Of the many, this excited me tremendously for teachers need completely different support from Teacher Training to Professional Development opportunities. Their four-day immersion retreat for practicing teachers, were it available here, would enliven, enrich, and encourage highly skilled people to engage teaching as a profession.
  • Sunisa Chuencharoensok, Director of Roong Aroon School, in Thailand—See Josette’s FaceBook post

And, of course, many others…

Maybe I will be able to talk with them on Zoom. But, until then, on to editing.

Wish me good fortune (and minimal expense).