Meetings with Remarkable Educators

I have name for the coming podcast series: Meetings with Remarkable Educators. What does this title mean? What constitutes a remarkable educator?

Remarkable educators shift paradigms of learning. Their schools call forth greatness in their students. Their pedagogy brings clarity to the way humans learn. Their philosophy of life lends clarity to our own. They present a beacon of light; a way to actualize each of our potential while respecting family, heritage, culture, planet, science, each child, and the (non-sectarian) essence of spirituality. Their schools can found in cities, in woodlands, in farmlands, and in most countries. They understand that meaningful relationships among all the people of the school is the foundation for successful learning. They are remarkable because they leave nothing out; and know there is always something more. Humble, inquisitive, caring, and committed to all life, these remarkable educators are jewels in our communities, our culture.

In short, they are inspired—filled with the breath of Spirit. Naturally they inspire others, including yours truly. Everyone’s aspirations are nurtured as well-being spirals up and up—a natural emergence as breathtaking as it is unpretentious.

This is education as it ought to be, as it is naturally, as a fulfillment of our birthright to self-actualize, to know ourselves as whole and worthwhile.

I am honored to introduce you to Remarkable Educators. Podcast begins in early  October.