Why Podcast

Here I am, 70 years young, free of institutional commitments. I have a well-deserved reputation as a pioneer in holistic child development, as Natural Learning Relationships is being used by educators, inspiring thesis’s and supporting many families and parents. I am in demand as a mentor and as a consultant on all matters family and education. My two grandchildren live next door and are a source of endless delight and learning as are their parents. I am never short of ideas for this blog and for my other, more freewheeling (controversial) blog, www.theseer.net. I love my wife. I often become absorbed in the beauty of nature.

So why podcast? The technology requires expertise that I am just learning and do not find easy to master. I sort of believe I will be a competent interviewer but early results suggest much polishing needed. Editing requires considerable patience and dexterity.

My answer: Genuine need. There are brilliant holistic educators who know how to bring forth the greatness in students, in teachers, and in parents. They live in schools that call themselves progressive, or holistic, or independent. Their message needs to be heard. In my 30 years in the field I have been fortunate to know many of them. And so the podcast will be their voice, their work, their life. You can be sure their voice is exciting for it takes skill, insight, and courage to strike out from conventional education.  

And striking out from conventional education is what is needed as conventional education has struck out. I won’t produce the litany of failures here. Listen to the podcasts and hear the difference.

Caveat: there are great public school teachers, though not many and often constrained by the school’s stifling infrastructure. And there are independent schools masquerading as progressive. It helps to keep in mind an old Persian maxim: There would be no counterfeit if the real did not exist.

At the risk of offending just about everyone, parenting and education is the absolute preeminent field to actualize well-being for each of us, for our community, society, and planet. There is no field in second place. Somewhere around tenth is racism (including feminism and gender equality) and environmentalism. The need is so prevalent that no one sees it—a classic “the emperor is wearing no clothes” situation.

I will meet you on the podcasts. First edition will be the beginning of October.