I really believe your [PSU] class [Teacher self-care] has impacted me much more than other classes I have taken because it had such personal meaning, and also such great evidence-based materials.

I have enjoyed being aware of how I care for myself in relationships.

— Melissa Toren Hrin, School Counselor

Ba and Josette’s work with Natural Learning Relationships provided the theoretical basis for Stages of Learning, which engages nearly 100% of public school students in grades 3-6 through theater making.  As child development experts, their insights and expertise are invaluable to those of us who care about the social, psychological, and educational health of kids.

Floyd Rumohr, President & CEO of Stages of Learning

Every week in my work I remember with Gratitude all I learnt from You and Ba. I pass it on endlessly.

Thank you may all be well with you and yours.
— Love Rosemary Gallagher


Our American culture is noticeably deficient in male leaders who initiate life from compassion, awareness, and wisdom. Ba Luvmour has created a safe, nurturing space of comfort. With honesty, the walls and masks we men (& women) live behind can be dropped, and we can heal the wounds of our history. The result is an invitation to join the journey to reclaim the wholeness inherent in living authentically.

Walter M., Workshop Leader


My whole family changed for the better, and it just keeps getting better and better. The developmental information was to easy to understand and we are able to apply it immediately.

Shane H., Kansas City, Missouri


Absolutely brilliant. He was always there for us. He helped us see our strengths and develop the tools to take advantage of it. Great for my husband' s and my relationship. We are on the same parenting page, and our romance is blooming again.

Patricia H., Mother of three children, Portland, Oregon


It is incredible to be so fully engaged in my life, especially in the relationships with my family and the other children in my life. Thank you for your wise guidance in opening up this possibility.

Professional teacher and Mother of four, Tigard, OR


I feel immense gratitude for the work that you have done with our family and continue to do to bring this wisdom about how to nurture well-being in children into the world.

Mother of two, Portland, OR


Through a deeper understanding of the needs of children I have had the wonderful experience of not only accessing a greater texture in my relationship with my daughter but also a tremendous amount of learning about myself has taken place.  I am constantly amazed at the energy that becomes available and how our mutual well-being is supported by connecting with and nurturing my child.

Christian D’Urso, Father and Financial Advisor


I still think Natural Learning Relationships was the most helpful thing we learned for raising our kids. I'm very grateful for the difference it made in our family, and recommend your book often.

Rod Newton, father of two

Hidden Springs Wellness Center, Ashland, Oregon


Natural Learning Relationships brings the greatness of children to the fore in a way that everyone can access.

Tom Pinkson, PhD,

Psychologist, Author, Life Coach,

San Anselmo, Ca


Natural Learning Relationships allowed me to recognize of the strengths and weaknesses in our family relationships. Incredibly, it then showed us how we could immediately apply this understanding for health for all.

Jim M., father of two children


I am immensely grateful for the work that you have done with our family and continue to do. I know that if we had had the opportunity to begin our work with you in a time of transition instead of waiting until we were in crises, the benefits would be even greater. The knowledge we have gained as a family regarding nurturing well-being in our children will live on in the next generation as we continue to work with you as a resource.  

Mother of 3, Portland, OR


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