Consulting is not therapy, although profound inner healing is often a positive result of personal or family consultations. Consulting is not a problem centered approach. We will not focus on removing problem behaviors or symptoms. While “fixing” problems can produce short term results it does not satisfy the child’s underlying needs and can have disastrous long-term consequences for both the child and the adult in the situation. We use the relationship model of nurturing the child called Natural Learning Relationships whole-child development [link].

At Luvmour Consulting we will help you develop with your child. With the subsequent shift into well-being comes new life purpose and the emergence of wisdom in the adult. Deep involvement with the children in our lives can break open our hearts to greater awareness. Wisdom is the result.

Consulting is not a problem centered approach, yet profound inner healing is often a positive result. We use the relationship model of nurturing the child’s underlying needs called Natural Learning Relationships whole-child development.

Diane’s Personal Story:

My husband and I had very different expectations of what behavior is acceptable and appropriate when working with anger.  Our different expectations and different past experiences were blocking us from finding real meaning and connection through the conflict.

During consultations with Luvmour Consulting, my husband and I were each helped to gain a better understanding of our reactions to both the anger and to our subsequent behavior. We were then able to identify some respectful requirements (behavioral norms) for how we would treat each other.  These norms allow each of us the right to feel safe and the right to be heard.  They also help us process the anger, ignore the content, and remain committed to discovering the connection within the conflict. We discovered that connection is always available in understanding and that the separation we feel always results from judgment.  

Consulting with Ba

As a consultant since 1989, Ba has helped many adults discover the meaning and purpose of their lives and so reenter the world of well-being. His years in intensive self study combined with an extensive background in transpersonal and integral psychology, developmental psychology, and a wide range of therapies has prepared him to do so. Ba offers his expertise and knowledge for personal and family consultations in areas such as child development, whole-family dynamics, domestic relationships, optimal parenting, family well-being, divorce and blended families, and helping parents get on the same page. Ba is particularly skilled in understanding children's needs such as; differing learning styles, supporting academic excellence, communicating with teens, creating healthy boundaries, stopping sibling rivalry, and helping children make healthy responses to peer influence. Ba has dedicated his life to serving optimal well-being in children. His love of and care for humanity expresses itself through helping families and children to realize their inherent nature. He has worked with thousands of families, teachers, and schools on all facets of relationship with children since 1985. Ba holds an MA in Psychology from California State University in Sonoma.

My whole family changed for the better, and it just keeps getting better and better. The developmental information was to easy to understand and we are able to apply it immediately.

Shane Hackett, Kansas City, MO

Absolutely brilliant. He was always there for us. He helped us see our strengths and develop the tools to take advantage of it. Great for my husband's and my relationship. We are on the same parenting page, and our romance is blooming again.

Mom, of three children

Consulting with  Josette Luvmour, PHD

Our experience is less about what happens to us, and more about what we make of what happens to us.

Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)

I support positive adult development toward greater self-knowledge, healthy relationships, and the emergence of wisdom. Together my clients and I create a context for change that contributes to new perspectives, fulfilling emotional relationships, and more satisfactory ways of being. My focus is to draw forth well-being and to build on strengths because we strengthen that which we pay attention to.

As a consultant and an educator, I help to resolve inner conflicts (or habitual negative beliefs) as an essential step to regaining wholeness. In that state of wholeness, meaning becomes self-evident.

As I see it, meaning-making in life is each individual’s responsibility both professionally and personally. Hopefulness in all stages of life comes from fulfilling our purpose and uncovering meaning.

Adults develop in relationship with others

I have dedicated my professional life to serving the emergence of optimal well-being and wisdom in adults who are willing to engage in intentional efforts to do so.

My training, experience, and expertise are in working with children, adolescents, and adults in all aspects of their personal development, emotional maturation, access to well-being, and emergence of wisdom. My areas of expertise include child development, family systems, adult development, and interpersonal and family relationships. I have also been a consultant to organizations (e.g., social service agencies and educational organizations) in the areas of enhanced communication in professional relations, culture change, appreciating diversity, conflict resolution, fostering positive family initiatives in work-life balance, team building, and leadership development. Throughout, I have developed a solid reputation as an expert in dialogic processes, including experiential learning and formal inquiry.

I have worked with hundreds of individuals, families, and professionals to successfully change their lives. I also offer support-care for people in the end-of- life transition through my hospice volunteer work. I believe a life is never without meaning to the last breath.