Professional Development In-Service Programs

These programs are available as online courses, in person training, and coaching. 

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Inspiring content to advance a culture of meaning in your school.

What every school needs and is rarely addressed in trainings:

  • Does Holistic Education practice decrease teacher burnout?
  • Do we grow spiritually, in a holistic education environment?
  • Can we connect with parents so they understand and support your holistic approach?
  • Can we be student centered with a holistic appreciation of development?
  • How can experiential education be used as a diagnostic tool with students?
  • What are wisdom-based-relationships with students or with colleagues?

Together we explore these critical questions through dialogue and experiential learning. Josette works with YOU to create a customized program for your school

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This approach makes understanding social-emotional development accessible to everyone.

Josette’s training was foundational to our school. The course syllabus is organized, materials are made available in advance, and our staff was able to ask questions and get direct responses when needed.
— Ali Ronder, M.Ed. Executive Director at Integrity Academy
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Josette Luvmour has been supporting Holistic schools since 1990. She is sought after as a presenter at conferences including the 2017 Holistic Learning and Teaching Conference in Ashland, OR. Her experience helping schools advance Holistic practices is unparalleled.

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