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Meetings with Remarkable Educators

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Hosted by Ba Luvmour

Coming Soon: October, 2017

After a long reputation as a pioneer in holistic child development and holistic education, Ba Luvmour has a new passion. He said it best,

There are brilliant holistic educators who know how to bring forth the greatness in students, in teachers, and in parents. They live in schools that call themselves progressive, or holistic, or independent. Their message needs to be heard. In my 30 years in the field I have been fortunate to know many of them. And so the podcast will be their voice, their work, their life.

Remarkable educators shift paradigms of learning. Their schools call forth greatness in their students. Their pedagogy brings clarity to the way humans learn. Their philosophy of life lends clarity to our own. They present a beacon of light; a way to actualize each of our potential while respecting family, heritage, culture, planet, science, each child, and the (non-sectarian) essence of spirituality. Their schools can found in cities, in woodlands, in farmlands, and in most countries.

These educators are remarkable because they are humble, inquisitive, caring, and committed to all life. They are jewels in our communities and in our culture. In short, they are inspired. Naturally they inspire others, including yours truly.

Captions under photos:

(1)   Ba interviewing, Debbie Millon, Head of School at Wingra School in Maddison, Wisconsin

(2)  Ba interviewing, Dr. Yoshihara Nakagawa from Kyoto, Japan with his translator, Dr. Sachiko Gomi.