What We Do

We are Developmental Consultants

A developmental consultant is a professional with a wide knowledge of Human Development. The numerous structures, models, and methodologies of developmental consulting are designed to facilitate reflection on thinking and learning for personal growth to emerge. there's stuff to say 

Why we do it

Our focus is on children and the people who have relationships with them.  By improving the quality of self-knowledge and relationship, the potential for people to learn and grow together with children opens wide.  We cultivate and encourage this process in the following ways.

Working with individual families

We have consultation sessions with individuals within the family and with the family as a whole to build trust and help you create ease in family life while promoting well-being in each member. Our practice is not counseling or therapy in the traditional sense, click for details on our consulting ⇉


Working with teachers and schools

  • We speak at schools on a variety of topics
    • The Natural Learning Relationships of whole-child development in children
    • Social skill building
    • Fostering positive family initiatives
    • Positive Parent-Teacher Relationships
  • We teach adult classes for teachers and school administration
  • We consult and troubleshoot on policy
  • We mentor teachers and students in the classroom setting

Working with Organizations and Social Services

  • We speak at organizations and conventions
  • Teacher Training and in-service sessions is our specialty
  • We teach courses for adults working with children or on behalf of children
  • We consult with social service agencies on:
    • Culture creation
    • Fostering a culture of inclusion
    • Professional communication
    • Leadership development
    • Inter-Group Dialogues
    • Enhancement of human interactions