Ba Luvmour, MA

Mentor to professionals in all matters relating to children, families, and education, meditation facilitator, family consultant, educator, writer, and podcast host about holistic education.

Josette Luvmour, PhD

Specialist in Human Development, author, consultant, educator, and public speaker

I have the great, good fortune to work in the field of my passion, and to work with the woman that I love, Josette. From the moment that we created Natural Learning Relationships I knew that it had the power to awaken the inherent greatness in children and families. In 35 years of practice I have seen this proven correct many times. You only have to read the case histories in Josette’s book, Grow Together, to see how wisdom emerges when the Natural Learning Relationships of children are nurtured.

As an educator, public speaker, author, seminar leader, program developer, and consultant I have worked in just about every phase of life with children and families. I enjoy training educators (including administrators) and teach as faculty in graduate school. I am a pioneer in reinstituting Rites of Passage and currently mentor staff for the Raven Weekend Rite of Passage. I have been a non-profit executive since the beginning of my career and founded three schools and a large learning center.

The foundation for all my work in is an abiding inquiry into the nature of consciousness. This has led me to engage science from physics to brain research), philosophy, meditation, all branches of psychology, education, anthropology and all contiguous subjects. Recently I have started a blog devoted specifically to consciousness ( I facilitate dialogues into the nature of who are and how we know. The deeper we explore consciousness the greater our ability to access wisdom and lead joyful meaningful lives.

The truth is that I love working with people about relationships with children.

Children bring the opportunity to engage life with authenticity and in-the-moment spontaneity that draws us into great opportunities to grow together.

As an educator, writer, developmental consultant, and public speaker, I specialize in the fields of child and adult development, adult transformational learning, sustainable family relationships, and how adult and child grow together. I am also a speaker on positive relationships with children; and have worked with children, parents, and whole families in seminars, family programs, and in schools since 1985.

In addition, I teach graduate courses at Self Design Graduate Institute and Antioch University—teaching adults since 1985.

I am the author of Grow Together, as well as the co-author of six books and numerous journal articles and chapters that focus on building positive relationships with children.

I have extensive independent school experience from all vantage points: parent, program director, facilitator/teacher, parent-educator, teacher trainer, founder, and board vice-president and secretary.

I live with my husband, Ba, of over 33 years and a rescue poodle-bichon mix named Janaka. Together we live close to our children and grandchildren in Portland, Oregon.