Ba's Clients

Alternative Education Resource Organization: 8th Annual AERO Conference, Portland, OR. Transforming Education and Our world. Presentation on Social Justice and Children: Children who experience themselves as socially valuable throughout their childhood feel trust and have the greatest likelihood of facilitating the transition to a socially just world.

Summa Institute Community Talks: How Children Succeed: Conquering the Tyranny of Normal

Salmonberry School NW Holistic Education Conference 2011, Orcas Island, WA: Optimal Parenting with Natural Learning Relationships from the perspective of the whole child.

Portland State University (PSU), Portland, Oregon. Adjunct Faculty in the Continuing Education Department for Counselors and Educators. Courses in Teacher Training; Positive Development in Children: Applications for Academic Excellence, Resolving Conflict, and Promoting Social Justice.

Portland City Club, Creator and co-facilitator of City Club Forum on children and education. This six week course brought together professionals from all fields that work with children, including architecture, social services, education, funding, and others.

Alliance Charter Academy, Oregon City, Oregon. Culture Creation Project. Conducted organizational assessment to develop appropriate interpersonal relationships with a sustainable and evolving culture with co-creation of touchstones for culture creation and protocols and specific behaviors in the culture involving conflict resolution with all ages

Self Enhancement, Inc. (SEI) staff training—Ongoing staff development workshops to bring a coherent understanding of child development to all SEI programs, invited on to the replication team.

National College of Nature Medicine, Portland, OR. Adjunct Faculty  in the Continuing Education Department for Physicians.

Oregon Mentors Conference Keynote speaker: Responding to Childhood Challenges. Workshop Presentation: Undermining Pathology—A Natural Learning Rhythms Approach

CASA START, staff training for in-school program for disadvantaged children 8 to 13 years of age.

Yamhill County Offices. Advisor on education for children with Asperger syndrome.

Portland Parenting Connection conference: Keynote Speaker: Play, Learning, and Development, and Further applications of child development to family well-being

Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR. Presentation to Docent Staff: How to Present Art to Children. Lecture with practical applications to docents of Portland Art Museum.

Portland Family Enrichment Program—Co-creator and co-facilitator with Josette Luvmour. Seven week program featuring experiential learning for whole families of diverse backgrounds. Program funded by Schnitzer Care Foundation, Juan Young Foundation, Rose E. Tucker Foundation and private donors.

Central City Concern and Sera Architects. Advisor on creating affordable housing in downtown Portland

Knowledge Academy of Bend—Advisor on all start-up protocols and design for pre-school, K-8 classrooms and afterschool programs founded on developmental principles.

Co-chair of the Education and Human Development Committee of City Club

Seminar Leader and Educator on:

  • The Blueprint: Mapping the consciousness of children and the relationships that support optimal parenting and education

  • Children and Social Justice: The child’s perceptions and contributions

  • Bullying: Causes, prevention, and solutions--Bullying is comprised of direct behaviors (e.g., teasing, taunting, threatening, hitting, and stealing) and more indirect (e.g., causing a student to be socially isolated through intentional exclusion).

  • Starting a School using Developmental Principles—One day seminar in Portland, OR.

  • Integrating Natural Learning Relationships into Family Life—Two day whole family program in Bend, OR. Co-created and co-facilitated with Josette Luvmour.

  • The Nature of Children between Eight and Twelve Years Old—Lecture with practical applications to parents and staff at Catlin Gabel School.

  • Optimal Development in Early Education Series—Evening lectures focusing on creating healthy boundaries with young children at Portland Cooperative Preschools of Oregon meetings.

  • The Family in Work-Life Balance Series—Three part lecture with practical applications to help corporate workers maximize well-being in their families. Topics covered included: Communication with teens; Supporting academic excellence; Creating and maintaining healthy boundaries with all age children.


  • Nike—Experiential Learning Day for Nike Families

  • HP Vancouver—twice, by popular demand

  • HP Corvallis—Individual Work-Life Balance Lectures

  • Portland State University

  • Mentor Graphics

  • US Forestry Service

  • Bonneville Power

Designed, created, and staffed the Child Development Station for the Pearl/River District Family Forum—co-sponsored by Central City Concern, Portland Development Commission, Pearl District Neighborhood Association, and Zimmerman Community Center.


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